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Window Warranty Service Calls

Do you have a Window Warranty Service Call?


Here is what to expect:

Each window Manufacturer determines what meets their requirements for a service call.

Manufacturers will communicate directly with the Homeowners or Building Owners on each warranty claim or service call. This communication will be done by phone and/or email and will not include communication with Contractors or Kelly Enterprise.

Lead times for service calls are determined by each manufacturer based on the warranty/service call issue and the schedules of their technicians. Lead times may be lengthy.

If parts are needed for a service call, the technician will schedule an appointment after the parts are manufactured.


In the case of simple fixes, the Manufacturers may choose to order new parts only. If this is the case, the contractor will be responsible for installing these parts (i.e. screens, sash, hardware, etc.). We request the contractor arrange pick up or delivery of these parts with Kelly Enterprise. If contractor is unable or unwilling to install these parts, we may be able to arrange service for a fee.

If the Manufacturer determines a technician is needed to inspect and/or install parts, the Manufacturer will deliver product to job site.

At this time, Kelly Enterprise is not able to offer discounts due to Manufacturer Warranty issues.

Download a PDF version of this below.

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