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Always Width First, Then Height

Need a Proposal on Windows and Doors?

Simply send pictures and measurements to your Kelly Enterprise Representative.


Remember to always mark Width first, then Height (W x H)


Include with proposal request:

  • Job Name

  • Interior & Exterior pictures

  • Width & Height Window or Door Measurements

  • Window style desired (Double Hung, Glider, Casement Etc)

  • Desired Window Manufacturer or Material specification


Things to consider:

  • Exterior Trim

  • Interior casing

  • Jamb Depths

  • Color or Stain

  • Window accessories


This information allows us to create the most accurate Window or Door proposal for you and your project.


When your project is Approved by your client or home owner, please contact your Kelly Enterprise Representative for next steps to ensure your order is 100% accurate.

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