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Your Trusted Florida Window & Door Distributor

​Unlock the potential of your exteriors business with Kelly Enterprise.

We offer premium window and door products, connect builders and contractors with FGIA certified window and door installers and offer on-site project consultations.


With over 50 years of industry experience, we understand that windows and doors are crucial for safety, energy efficiency, and home aesthetics.


Trust our refreshing, unique process, from the first contact to seamless delivery and installation. Join us on the path to success!

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We worked with Kelly Enterprise to replaces all of the windows in a 1930's tudor cottage. It was so important to us to keep the charm and class of the home but to upgrade to be more efficient.

Not only is the house staying warmer this winter, the homeowners get constant compliments on our windows.

The customer service was top notch and the execution was seamless.

As a remodeling contractor that strives to provide the highest level of customer service, products, and experience for our customers. Kelly Enterprise is the best partner for our window & door needs.

Providing reliable, knowledgeable, and friendly service to our company and customers.

Thanks for all the great service you have provided us with over the years, Mike, Ryan, & Shaun. We truly value your expertise and partnership.

Our construction company has worked with Shaun and his team on multiple occasions.


They have been professional, reliable and timely on every job.


Whenever we get a chance to go through them for our doors and windows; we take the opportunity.

Kelly Enterprise Proven Process


Project Consultation

We work with you to gather critical details for the project. 


That way we can provide the best window and door options for your clients.


Measuring Guidance

Measuring windows is very tedious. With so many options & measuring styles, it’s critical we're all on the same page.


From code compliance to matching an existing grid pattern, we’re here to help you serve your clients.


Refining Your Investment

"Measure twice, cut once". 


We take it step further. We TRIPLE check the crucial details in every order, ensuring a worry free, smooth, and efficient install at client’s home. 


Your Window Delivery

Your windows are inspected in our warehouse before being shipped to the job site by premium carriers.


Our process ensures your  windows show up ready to be installed by your skilled carpenters. 


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