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About Us

"When you do the right thing, the rest falls into place"

- Paul Marvin, Marvin Window & Door Company

Kelly Enterprise has a recipe for successful window and door distribution.


From the initial consultation, to following through with your windows and doors being delivered.


In the division of windows and doors, the Kelly's witnessed a major gap in the industry. This gap included miscommunications, measurement issues, critical details being overlooked, and a lack of training in the field. We have changed the industry by guiding our clients and specializing in these windows and doors.


What we offer to you is excellent distribution services, project consultation, measurement guidance, order supervision, product knowledge training, and more.


The company is operated and owned by Michael F. Kelly and his two sons Shaun M. Kelly and Ryan P. Kelly. With the 50+ years of industry experience these three bring to the table, they have developed a strong, unique window and door process that has a successful proven track record. We are confident and excited to help you here at Kelly Enterprise.

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Our Facility

Our Facility in Roseville, MN is set up for your success. We invite you to visit and see for yourself.

  • Climate Controlled to protect your windows

  • Showroom to design the perfect project

  • Conference Room to host your clients

  • Window Measuring Training Site

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