Kelly Enterprise has a recipe for successful window and door distribution. From the initial consultation, to following through with your windows and doors being delivered. In the division of windows and doors, the Kelly's witnessed a major gap in the industry. This gap included miscommunications, measurement issues, critical details being overlooked, and a lack of training in the field. We are changing the industry by guiding our clients and specializing in these windows and doors. What we offer to you is excellent distribution services, project consultation, measurement guidance, order supervision, product knowledge training, and more.


The company was started by Michael F. Kelly and his two sons Shaun M. Kelly and Ryan P. Kelly. With the 50+ years of industry experience these three bring to the table, they have developed a strong, unique window and door process that has a successful proven track record. For Kelly Enterprise to succeed and successfully serve you, we needed more than just a proven method of successful window and door distribution, we needed vision and guidance for our company. Peter M. Miller joined our team, and he has done just that. We are confident and excited about our team here at Kelly Enterprise.

Our President, Michael F. Kelly has been a building products industry leader for 25+ years. Mike has specialized in building products. From the manufacturing side of the business, as well as the distribution portion of it. With his unique experience, he has seen the challenges that can take place with windows and doors. Mike has built a wealth of strong relationships in the industry. He brings an abundance of knowledge and guidance to our clients. Mike is always available for assistance or any questions you may have.

Peter M. Miller (business manager) Peter’s career has had a dominant focus in building materials, architectural millwork, construction, and store fixture manufacturing industries for 30+ years. During this period, he has held positions in consulting firms specializing in construction industries within the areas of financial and operational restructuring, operations management, director of manufacturing, president and chief executive officer, and board of directors membership.  Peter has hands-on experience in multi-plant environments, expansions, downsizing, and reconfiguring supply chains. His negotiation history includes banking, union contracts, legal, mergers and acquisitions, asset sales, and recruiting top-performers.

Shaun M. Kelly has specialized in window and door installations, managing order entries, quoting products, product logistics, and window and millwork management. These qualities are crucial for us to successfully serve you. Windows and doors are extremely tedious and involve a great amount of detail and patience. Shaun moves forward with integrity and is always looking out for our customers best interest.


Ryan P. Kelly entered the industry specializing in home improvement sales (kitchens, bathrooms, windows, roofing, and siding). He has been involved with national account management as well as territory management with a building products distributer. Ryan focuses on windows and doors at Kelly Enterprise and specializes in the sales process. He offers great guidance, communication skills and is always available for any assistance in the field

With the highest integrity, we are here to help you succeed. Kelly Enterprise Window and Door Distribution is excited to partner with you.

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